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Fiat 500 Boano Spiaggia

Ex Avv. Giovanni Agnelli


The former Fiat President Giovanni Agnelli wanted a very special car suitable for his travels during the summer from his home to the beach and commisioned two Fiat 500 Spiaggia to the coachbuilder Mario Boano, one for him and the other for his friend Aristotele Onassis. The Fiat 500 Boano Spiaggia of 1958 were made with aluminum bodywork, woods all around the car body and wicker seats, based on the Fiat 500 first series chassis and mechanical.  

The Fiat 500 Spiaggia is also the last car built by Boano before closing the "Carrozzeria Boano" and directing the nascent "Fiat Style Center" in 1958.

The car presented at Villa d'Este (number plate TO259879) is the first of the two realized for Giovanni Agnelli while the other of Onassis had a subsequent registration number (TO259880).

The nickname "Spiaggina" then given to all the beach cars owes its origin to the Fiat 500 Boano Spiaggia and also for this reason I like to name her "The Holy Grail of the beach cars".

This car was celebrated by the most glamourous magazines of that time (Vogue Usa of August 1963 photographed the car in the stunning Agnelli's Villa La Leopolda in Villefrance) with the best of the "Jet Set" aboard along the roads of the French Riviera and not only. Hollywood actors, industrialist and succesful men of "The Dolce Vita Era" competed to be photographed next to the two famous owners of this fantastic car while they were going to partyes or to the beach.

By the original documents, still with the car, is stated that the Fiat 500 Boano Spiaggia belonged to Giovanni Agnelli from 1958 to 1973.

From 1973 to 2018 the car belonged to Mario Rossi a longtime friend of Agnelli and an industialist very well known in the world of Cinema of that time because his company Photovox produced in exclusive the magnetic coils on which were recorded all Hollywood films.

Mario Rossi jealously preserved the Fiat 500 Spiaggia using her rarely in the immense park of his residence over the hills of Turin

The car is preserved in its original condition showing just 16699 km.